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If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve spent a lot of time or money on your website, and you get three or four visitors a month, one of which is your mother.

Search engine optimization used to work well. A moderate amount of SEO is still useful, but generally brings disappointing results.

There are a number of little-known techniques that work better. Often way better! None require spending money on advertising, many are enjoyable, and they can bring spectacular results. You can pick and choose to use the ones you like.

This is a short and simple ebook full of techniques that will change everything! This book is presented in standard HTML format so it will run on any device. Buy now, and start reading the rather unexpected and amazing techniques within just a few minutes.

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As a website builder since 1995, I have often been asked how to bring more visitors to a website. Over the years I’ve researched and experimented with this problem extensively, and came up with some unexpected, and remarkably effective answers to that question.

This little book contains all the answers. Nothing is left out.

I had one client who went from 3 visitors a month to over 14,000 per day just a week after implementing two of these techniques.

Now, your results may not be as spectacular as that. They may not even be like the guy who put in a total of six hours of work, ten minutes here, and twenty minutes there, and received 375,000 visitors in his first six months.

But, you will have a significant increase in targeted visitors, genuine people who are interested in the subject of your website. And if you persist, the results can grow exponentially.

The thing that so many people want you to believe seldom works well. That’s SEO. Search Engine Optimization. There are companies that will charge you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, and they promise ‘front page results.’ What they don’t tell you is that if someone enters just the right key phrase, something that people would not usually enter, then yeah, you’ll show up on the front page. Unfortunately, what they do is mostly smoke and mirrors.

You are about to read about the techniques that will actually work much better. These are easy enough you can do them yourself, and most are quite enjoyable. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a penny on advertising, or depend on search engines.

I’m not saying to avoid SEO altogether. It can work, sometimes well. But you don’t need to jump through hoops, trying to fool the search engines. Instead, all you need to know is some creative tricks in picking key phrases. Once you know these tricks, it’s easy to incorporate them into your website. This book will cover that, too.

But what works better these days, way better, is SMM, Social Media Marketing. On the one hand, that’s just what you think: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

On the other hand, it’s what you do with these that is probably quite different than you thought. It’s not what many ‘experts’ will tell you. They generally miss some important points, giving you worn-out theory copied from what others told them, not the results of proven techniques.

When you get it right, you can post one little picture, or say one little thing, that can bring thousands of visitors to your site overnight. Of course you may have to make dozens or even hundreds of posts before you first experience that magic.

You don’t have to do everything you’re about to read. You can pick the techniques that you most resonate with. You can do just one thing to start with, then try others when you feel like experimenting. What’s most interesting about all of this, is that most of these things are enjoyable. The trip you are about to embark on is going to be fun!

It’s on sale until December 31 for $14.95.

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